Medical PPE

Custom Plastic Injection Molded Items for the Medical PPE Industry

Custom plastic injection molding plays a critical role in the production of medical personal protective equipment (PPE). This manufacturing technique’s versatility, precision, and speed allows for the efficient production of high-quality, reliable PPE items that are essential in healthcare settings. The strict manufacturing process allows for the mass production of precise, reliable components that help to ensure the safety and health of medical professionals on the front lines.

One of the primary applications of custom plastic injection molding in medical PPE production is the fabrication of face shields. These clear, medical shields are a critical component of PPE, protecting healthcare professionals from splashes, sprays, and spatter of body fluids. Injection molding can rapidly produce durable, lightweight plastic frames and clear shields that are comfortable to wear for extended periods. Health Canada approved, our face shields are BPA-free, recyclable and FDA-approved, plus we have an MDEL medical-grade license.

Our custom plastic injection molded industrial elements are made from start to finish, in-house in our Peterborough, Ontario facility. We create the artwork and design, implement the engineering and CAD programming, produce the dies and molds, and take care of all the details. You only have to deal with one company—no third parties required.


Full and Fast Service

  • Specializing in fast turnaround – days not weeks, 24X7 operation when required
  • Fast prototyping of custom molds using CAD, molds are milled with in-house CNC machinery
  • Resins include polypropylene, polyethylene, and polystyrene; standard and custom colors
  • Custom branding, hot stamping and printing
  • Flow-wrapping of individual products

Sample Products

(Click images for larger view)

Face shield with a red plastic head band and a red rubber strap.
Blue and purple plastic mini spatulas with ointment.
Plastic measuring spoons and scoops with medicine.
Red plastic ear saver strap.
Plastic red pill counting spatula / dental spatula.
Blue plastic shoe horn.
Red plastic bandage dispenser.
Black plastic rolling tray with a white logo imprinted.
Small clear plastic pill containers.