Garnish Tools

Custom Promotional Drink, Cocktail and Food Garnish Tools

Browse our wide selection of custom promotional drink, cocktail and food garnish tools. Harco has standard non-imprintable and imprintable garnishing tools that put your brand right under your customer’s nose! Our food picks and garnish tools are ideal for in-food advertising, promotion or labelling on sandwiches, burgers, finger foods, cupcakes and appetizers. And garnishing any great cocktail beverage. These drink and food accessories are available  in a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes.

No matter what you call it, add sophistication to any drink or food product served with our custom designed products. Bring us your custom garnish tool design, or let us help design it! All custom injection molded plastic garnish tools can be designed and molded to your specifications. Harco also offers specialized packaging, including individually plastic wrapped or poly bagged in sets with head cards.

Our garnish tools are made in-house, from start to finish, in Peterborough, Ontario. We do the artwork and design, engineering and CAD programming. We create the dies and molds, and take care of all the details. You’ll be dealing with one company —no third parties required.

Options include:

  • Custom Injection Molding
  • Custom Imprinting
  • Custom Embossing
  • Tipping
  • Biopolymer Resin Available
  • PMS color-matching
  • Special packaging

Our products are BPA-free, recyclable and FDA-approved.

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