Custom Plastic Promotional Products

Custom Plastic Injection Molded Items for the Promotional Products Industry

Promotional products play a pivotal role in marketing and branding strategies, helping businesses connect with their audiences in a tangible way. When considering custom plastic injection molded items, the possibilities are boundless for unique, eye-catching promotional products that capture your brand’s identity.

Custom plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process that allows for the creation of detailed and complex shapes, making it an ideal method for crafting distinctive promotional items. With this technique, we can design and produce a wide variety of products – from keychains, garnish tools—stir sticks & picks, spoons, sporks, spifes, kiwi spoons, forks & knives, straw clips, spin tops, cookie cutters & cookie presses, bubble wands, 3-D puzzles, citrus peelers, air flight wing pins, tokens, rulers, golf ball markers, bag tags, lobster forks, to flying discs.

The key advantage here is the customization aspect. These items can be designed and molded into any shape that you desire and can be color-matched to your brand’s palette, creating a truly bespoke promotional product.

In addition, custom-molded products provide an opportunity to demonstrate your company’s creativity and commitment to quality. High-quality, well-designed promotional products can generate positive impressions and help your brand stand out in a crowded market. Additionally, our products are BPA-free, recyclable and FDA-approved.

Our custom plastic injection molded industrial elements are made from start to finish, in-house in our Peterborough, Ontario facility. We create the artwork and design, implement the engineering and CAD programming, produce the dies and molds, and take care of all the details. You only have to deal with one company—no third parties required.

Full and Fast Service

  • Specializing in fast turnaround – days not weeks, 24X7 operation when required
  • Fast prototyping of custom molds using CAD, molds are milled with in-house CNC machinery
  • Resins include polypropylene, polyethylene, and polystyrene; standard and custom colors
  • Custom branding, hot stamping and printing
  • Flow-wrapping of individual products

Sample Products

(Click images for larger view)

Custom plastic garnish tools - food picks and beverage trees.
Green and yellow bubble wand set.
Red, blue, and gold plastic 6" rulers and green plastic 6" stencil ruler with imprints.
Samples of Harco's sporks, ice cream & yogurt spoons, forks, knives, kiwi spoons, and taster spoons.
Green plastic citrus peeler, embossed shown peeling orange.
Custom molded white plastic golf bag tag with embossing and green tipping.
Bright green cookie cutter press (cutter), showing back and front.
Variety of custom plastic molded tokens.
Yellow, blue, and white flying discs.